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Edward Van Halen


EVH D-Tuna

Dtuna The EVH D-Tuna is a unique patented device that enables players to drop the E to D and back, in an instant. D-Tuna has been standard equipment on Eddie Van Halen's personal guitars as well as signature series locking tremolo-equipped guitars since the early 90's. Since then thousands of D-Tuna's have been sold all over the world. D-Tuna is proud to be endorsed by many professional players such as Warren DeMartini (RATT), Michael Wilton (Queensryche) and Dave "The Snake" Sabo (Skid Row) just to name a few. Bottom line...It's simple to use and it works.

"It couldn't be easier to install. You remove the string locking screw from the low E-saddle on the bridge and replace it with one of the two D-Tuna locking screws, the spring assembly and the D-Tuna. And that's just about all there is to it." - Edward Van Halen

Dtuna *NEW* - EVH D-Tuna is proud to announce the release of the Titanium D-Tuna! The new Ti D-Tuna is hand machined from thehighest grade of titanium. Manufactured in The USA, the Ti D-Tuna is the most precision D-Tuna ever made, making for smooth action and precision tuning. Go from E to D on the fly with your locking tremolo. Effortless action and spot-on tuning make the new Ti D-Tuna a "must have" for your locking tremolos. Unchain your tuning options!

Dtuna *NEW* - Check out these new kick-ass EVH D-Tuna T-Shirts that are now available. Made from 100% Heavy-Weight pre-shrunk cotton, these T-Shirts look great and are made to last! Small EVH D-Tuna Logo on the Front Left Chest and Large Logo on the Back! Available in a variety of sizes - click here to order yours now!

The D-Tuna was designed to adapt to a double-locking tremolo, such as a Floyd Rose or Floyd Rose-licensed version fine tuner tremolo.

The D-Tuna is made from the highest quality hardened steel. The patented design allows for precise fine-tuning adjustment, is simple to set up, easy to use, and really works!

Each D-Tuna kit contains:

  • 1 EVH D-Tuna Unit
  • 2 String lock screws
  • 1 Spring
  • 1 Fine tuning Allen wrench

D-Tuna Hardware

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